One of the most common questions that I am asked is "what gear do you use?"   The products below are what I am currently using.

Everything mentioned or listed has been tested by me in the field for years and I can honestly say I think it is the best out there.  

In terms of Nikon vs Canon, I think they are both great.   Canon (as well as other manufactures) makes an incredible product.  It is more about what you feel comfortable with.  I personally prefer and use Nikon for a number of small reasons, but I would highly recommend Canon as well.  

Please note that although the gear I have listed is fairly expensive, you DO NOT need expensive gear to create excellent images.  Great gear does make a difference in terms of technical quality, durability, ease of use and other factors and I advise using quality products, but creating a powerful, creative image is all about the photographer and the light.  

While I do get a small kick back when you use these links and codes below, I assure you that I only promote and share gear that personally use and love.

Click on a category below to see my gear.   When you click on a product you will be taken to the B&H Photo Video website.

I have been ordering through B&H for 12 years and I trust them completely.

If you use the links to make a purchase I get a small commission.


I strongly believe in keeping my gear as light and simple as possible.   I use a Nikon D810 for shooting landscapes with a D800E as a backup.   I would highly recommend the Nikon D750 for almost everyone as well.   I carry three lenses total.   A wide angle, a telephoto and a 50mm prime (see the exact lens in the box above).   I use a Really Right Stuff Tripod and ballheadSingh-Ray grad ND filters and a MindShift or ThinkTank photo bag.

Two very important ideas to consider.   Will you have what you need with you, or will you leave it in the car because your bag weighs 80lbs, and how quick can you get in your bag and change lenses?   Almost everyone uses photo backpacks, but I can't stand them.  They are generally loaded down with way to much gear, and you can't get to it quickly when the light is changing.   I only use bags like the ThinkTank Speed Freak and Mindshift Rotation 180 that allow you easy access to your gear from the front without taking off the bag.  


Although I use Adobe Lightroom for 95% of all  of my photo editing, when it comes to Black & White conversion, Nik Software Silver Effects Pro 2 is the best there is.   It is incredibly powerful and super easy it use. 

Check out my Fireside Chat with Nik, How to Shoot with B&W in Mind here

Zenfolio is a hosting service for organizing and presenting photos, and was used to create this site.   I have been

using Zenfolio for years and I love it! 

They offer a two week free trial.  I highly recommend you give them a try.  Referral code: K1N-5VE-BCT

I am proud to be part of the Zenfolio Pro Team.  Check out my interview with Zen here.



The Rotation 180° is AWESOME!!  It could be the perfect bag!

Finding the right photo bag could be the hardest gear issue in photography.  It is almost impossible and most of us have a closet full of old, unused bags.   After years of searching I finally found as close to perfect as it gets!  The Rotation 180°  is now the best bag on the market by far.  

The most important thing about a photo bag is that it allows easy access to your gear.   If you can't get to your equipment quickly when the light is changing fast you have a big problem.  The issue with most photo backpacks is you have to set the bag down to get to your gear or change lenses.   I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a shot I otherwise would have missed because my gear was only a second away.   Many times you are shooting in harsh conditions as well and setting the bag down can be problematic (think sand or mud). 

ThinkTank has long made my favorite bags because they allow easy access to gear from your front or side.  The only downside with these models is they are not as comfortable as a backpack for long hikes or if you have shoulder or back issues.  The MindSift Rotation 180 from ThinkTank's sister company is the best of both worlds.   It is a backpack while hiking that is extremely comfortable, but also has a small bag with your essential gear that instantly slides around to your front for super easy access.   It is impressive!!!

Use the link above to purchase a bag and send me an email letting me know with 10 of your best images attached or a link to your website.   I will review the images and give you at least 20 minutes of my time with an email review of your work and/or website.


BlackRapid makes an awesome camera strap that takes the weight on your shoulder, not your neck.  Once you use one it is impossible to go back to a normal strap.   For travel, hiking or any active adventure with your camera it makes a big difference.  

Check out the film and podcast I did with BlackRapid here