Dan Ballard Photography
May 19-21th, 2017
Cost: $825.00 ($200 deposit due at registration, balance due on April 19th, 2017)
Class size limited to 10 people!  

Join Dan Ballard on a photographic journey exploring the tallest and most awe-inspiring sand dunes in North America. The combination of desert dunes in the dawning light, spectacular mountain scenery and meandering flow of the Medano creek bed will give lots of opportunities for making awesome images during this three-day photographic adventure. These mysterious and ever changing dunes are sure to inspire any level photographer.  The dunes rank as one of Dans top shooting destinations in the world.

"Dan Ballard has a keen eye for great landscape photography and experience in capturing it, HOWEVER, it is his determination to share his in-depth knowledge and teach it to others that was the highlight of the weekend.  He was very patient with each student and took interest in each individual’s needs and level of experience.  I gained tremendous increased knowledge in my landscape shooting as well as image processing in Lightroom.

This is a serious workshop for serious landscape photographers of any level. I highly recommend it!"

Stan Crane, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This workshop begins Friday, May 19, 2017 at 3 p.m. and ends Sunday, May 21, 2017 at noon. The focus will be capturing light, shadows, ridges, variations in sand, mountain vistas and much more. Dan is committed to enhancing your photographic skills and helping you to get images you will be proud of.

These topics plus more will be covered in this workshop:
Composition Theory
Mastering Light
Camera Setting Instruction
Lightroom Post Processing Techniques
Setting up your camera bag
Landscape Photography Busines

 What to expect:

This workshop will involve some strenuous activity.  It is quite a walk from
the parking lot to the edge of the dunes & walking in sand can be tough.  We will
also be climbing the dunes in order to get the best images.

For information on The Great Sand Dunes National Park go to:
*Please read under plan your vist - “things you should know”; (1)Your safety,
(2)weather.  These 2 articles have some very important information
pertaining to the park.


Dan will be staying at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge Mosca, CO   A block of rooms has been reserved for workshop participants. The lodge is very close to the dunes & has a restaurant on site.  When making your reservation at GSD Lodge you will need to call the local number (719)378-2900 & tell them you are part of the Dan Ballard Photography Workshop.  They are closed during the winter & may not get back to you immediately - but no need to worry since rooms are already booked. You may also choose your own lodging in Alamosa (30 mile drive each way).

Transportation to & from Alamosa is up to each individual participant. The closest large airport to Alamosa is in Colorado Springs, CO. It is about a 3 hour drive. Albuquerque, NM is a 4 hour drive & Denver is about a 5 hour drive. Great Lakes airline has a daily flight from Denver to Alamosa.
Driving conditions from Alamosa to the Great Sand Dunes will consist of mainly paved roads, so a standard car will be sufficient. 

Friday, May 19th, 1 p.m. – Meet at the GSD Lodge Lobby for a short introductory workshop. We will then car pool to the dunes where Dan will spend time discussing equipment, composition, camera techniques, exposure, metering, filters & more.   He will also teach you how to use light, shadow, form and texture to create powerful images.  We will break for an early dinner at the nearby Oasis restaurant and then head back to the dunes for some great evening light.
Saturday, May 20th, – Meet in the hotel lobby (very early) so that we can be at the dunes before sunrise.  Breakfast at the Oasis restaurant with a session to follow on Lightroom production & setting up your camera bag.  He will also discuss landscape photography business idea's .  By late afternoon we will be ready to head back to the Dunes for a stunning sunset session. We will not be taking time out for dinner, so you may want to eat a late lunch before we leave or bring snacks with you. You will have a couple of hours in the afternoon for shopping in Alamosa or to rest if needed.  Dan will be available during this time for discussion, questions & to critique images. 
Sunday, May 21st – Mountain vistas will be beckoning us to shoot the early morning sunrise (another very early morning). We will then head back to the Oasis for breakfast and lots of conversation before departing around noon.