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"Out of all the photography workshops I have attended, Dan Ballard's passion for photography truly shines through. He is a uniquely gifted photographer, and merely viewing his images online will not lend itself to truly understanding his vision and drive in the world of photography. He is focused, driven and personable which makes him a goldmine for insight, wisdom and knowledge to all levels of photographers. What's more is he will take the time to single you out in a crowd and work with you one-on-one while maintaining a sense of 'team' during the workshop, never leaving anyone out.  Dan's workshops are truly worth the money and I cannot say enough positive. I will be attending another!"

- Joseph Abelino Roybal, Colorado


Sept. 13, 2:30 p.m. - Sept. 14,  12:00 p.m.,  2014
COST: $425.00 ($100 deposit due at registration)
Max class size

This small corner of Colorado is rich with old barns, homesteads, dugouts and windmills. We will meet at Amache Studio near Lamar, Colorado at the historic Prowers Ranch.  From there we will head to a historic barn to capture the dawning light. Throughout the day, this history-laden tour will provide many opportunities to capture images of barns, old windmills, old cars, homesteads and a windmill museum.  Dan Ballard, award-winning landscape photographer, will lead a hands-on digital training workshop with an eye towards photographing historical sites and prairie vistas. This workshop begins at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, at the Prowers Ranch, 8 miles west of Lamar, Colorado and will end at 12:00 p.m.  Sunday.

Dan has been fine tuning his workshops and methods of teaching photography for years.  He is a very passionate and creative teacher, who believes in spending a large amount of the workshop instructing & giving assignments.  He will give several group lectures as well as one-on-one instruction and critique to each student,  catering to each individuals personal photographic level.  Landscape photography business idea's will also be touched upon. Dan's goal for each workshop is to help you see the final printed image in your "mind's eye" before you push the button.  You will learn Dan's entire process for creating powerful & dramatic images starting with where to shoot & why;  how to master composition;  understand light;  set up your camera;  & what you need to carry in your camera bag.  Dan will also teach an afternoon session on LR post processing techniques.  He uses a unique approach that leads to natural, but vibrant images.  Dan is committed to helping you get images you will be proud of!

What's included:

Early morning water, coffee & light snacks